All about salaries, pay slips and payments

You start working through B2Works. And now you want to know how things are arranged when it comes to payments and pay slips. We understand that! We gladly explain it to you.

What is the salary I get?
Although your rights and obligations as an employee are laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement of the ABU (Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies), your salary will be paid according to the Collective Labour Agreement of the company you work for. That Collective Labour Agreement states, per function group, the salary to which you are entitled. Would you like to know more about this? Ask your contact person at B2Works!

Do I get paid less through B2Works than if I would be employed directly by the client?
No. The Collective Labour Agreement of the company you work for is determining for the amount of your salary. We do not deduct any amounts. So, it does not matter whether you work through us or would be employed directly by the client.

How do I make sure that the hours I have worked, end up at your salary administration?
The organisation you work for informs B2Works on the hours you have worked. In some cases, the registration of hours worked is arranged differently. We will obviously let you know, should that be the case.
In all cases, we recommend to keep a record on the hours you worked per week for your own administration.

How often and when do I get paid?
We pay your salary once every 4 weeks. That means 13 payments are being made per year. The payment dates are fixed, regardless of the date on which you start. Have you worked in week 1 up to and including week 4, your hours will be paid in week 5. You will receive the hours worked from week 5 up to and including week 8 in week 9, etcetera. Should your work activities start in week 4, you will therefore get paid already after 1 week.

Should it be difficult for you to make ends meet because of this payment frequency, it is possible to receive an advance payment in some cases.

The table below shows exactly when you are able to expect your salary.


Period Worked in week Payment in week
1 1-2-3-4 5
2 5-6-7-8 9
3 9-10-11-12 13
4 13-14-15-16 17
5 17-18-19-20 21
6 21-22-23-24 25
7 25-26-27-28 29
8 29-30-31-32 33
9 33-34-35-36 37
10 37-38-39-40 41
11 41-42-43-44 45
12 45-46-47-48 49
13 49-50-51-52 1


When do I receive my pay slip?
You receive your pay slip in the same week as you receive your salary.

What do the tables and numbers on my pay slip mean?
Most people have difficulties understanding their pay slip. This is not different at B2Works. We did prepare an understandable explanation for our employees in the form of a PDF. Do you already work for B2Works, but did you not yet receive the explanation? Ask your contact person at B2Works!

When do I receive my annual statement?
We are sending all the annual statements around February. Keep it carefully: you need your annual statement for the tax authorities. In many cases you are entitled to a tax refund. We advise you to hire a tax advisor to prepare your tax declaration.
Do you have any more questions related to salary, pay slips or payments? We have a special consultation hour at our office every Friday afternoon during which you are able to ask your questions.

We also have a separate email address for people who are already working for B2Works. Ask your contact person at B2Works about it!

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