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How B2Works makes sure you are feeling comfortable

It may sound like a no-brainer, but your happiness as employee is of great importance. It is not only pleasant for you when you feel happy; our client also benefits from it. You go to work feeling cheerful and want to stay longer at B2Works. By taking good care of you, B2Works therefore also takes proper care of her clients. And when our temporary workers and our clients are both happy, we are assured to have a wonderful day!

At B2Works we believe there are 4 aspects to which we can contribute:

  • proper housing
  • payments well arranged
  • sufficient hours, meaning security of income
  • sufficient attention
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Do you need accommdation? No problem!

Are you in the Netherlands for the first time, do you start working for B2Works and do you need accommodation? During the first week, we welcome you in our hotel. You will be given the opportunity to relax for a while after a long journey and to get used to your new environment, while being able to use all the conveniences of a hotel.

Types of housing

After this warm welcome, you will be going to a house close to your place of work. This may be a single-family home, an apartment or a holiday home. Whatever your accommodation may be, you will in any case have internet, a washing machine and dryer, a refrigerator and of course cooking and washing facilities.

Perhaps good to know: our people do not live in mobile homes or chalets, and all of our houses are certified according to the standards of Stichting Normering Flexwonen (Foundation for Standardisation of Flex-Living).


Interested in living and working through B2Works?

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Administration and payments? Well arranged!

Our affairs are in order. It may be less visible to you, but at B2Works we pay our tax contributions the way it should and we obviously pay our contributions. We meet the highest standards in that area and have therefore obtained the NEN 4400-1 certification. In addition, we are competent when it comes to laws and regulations and the application of the Collective Labour Agreement. Good to know, right?


The thing you do notice, is that we also have our affairs in order when it comes to paying our employees. Did you know that you, as a temporary worker, receive the same salary as an employee who is permanently employed by the client? Do you want to read more about this, check our page regarding salary, pay slips and payments.

Do you also want to work for a temporary employment agency that pays its employees properly?

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Unsecure about your income? No need!

Sufficient hours at B2Works

Once you are working through B2Works, you do not have to worry. We offer our people guaranteed hours so you do not have to worry whether you will be able to pay for your groceries next week.

Would you also like to benefit from guaranteed hours at B2Works?


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Need additional attention? You will get it!

There are several situations you may think of in which you need just that little bit of extra attention. During your first week in the Netherlands for instance. Besides general information we provide about working and living in the Netherlands, we also give you personal guidance:

  • We will be there on your first workday to help you get started.
  • We are there when you have any questions about your salary and matters related to living and working.
  • And we are there for you when things are not going very smoothly or when you have another problem you could use some help with.
  • We also provide additional attention in the form of training, should that be necessary. Has your forklift certificate expired, for example, you can redo your exam through us.


Is the attention B2Works provides appealing to you?

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